“go off the boil”別理解成“不再沸騰”

大家好,歡迎來的餅哥英語的頻道,今天我們分享一個非常有用且地道的表達——go off the boil, 這個短語的含義不是指“不再沸騰”,其正確的含義是:

go off the boil 失去興趣;不再緊迫

They were really excited about the project, but now they seem to have gone off the boil。


During that crisis with our CEO, many other issues at the company just went off the boil。


If a relationship seems to be going off the boil, it is a good idea to appraise the situation。


That show was really popular when it first started, but it went off the boil in its later seasons。


“go off the boil”別理解成“不再沸騰”